DIY Coconut Yogurt

Coconut Mylk recipe by Green Ninja Cooks


Coconuts are natural adventure seekers! They can sail the seas for up to 110 days before putting roots down and growing a family of healthy fat and delicious meaty coconuts.  

They not only provide super hydrating water but delicious meat that we can make a variety of fun and healthy treats with. One being the delicious coconut yogurt!

This yogurt is not only a fantastic way of feeding our guts healthy probiotics (healthy bacteria), but also provides around 30% of our daily essential calcium and magnesium.

Prep Time - 5 mins/ 60 hours for fermentation
Servings - 3


  • Whisk
  • Medium bowl
  • Mason jar
  • Spatula
  • Cheese cloth or clean kitchen towel


  • 1 can of coconut milk (trader joes/ 365 brand)
  • 2 powder form probiotic pills (50 billion is best)


IMPORTANT **If while fermenting your coconut yogurt changes color or smells not like yogurt, start over and do not eat**

  • Carefully pour the coconut milk into a medium bowl.

  • Open the probiotic pills and empty the powder into your coconut milk.

  • Whisk until smooth and no clumps remain.

  • With your spatula pour the milk into a clean mason jar and cover with 2 layers of cheese cloth or a clean kitchen towel.

  • Place a rubber band, tie a string, or the ring of the mason top around the jar.
  • Write in a marker a positive word or a heart on the side or top of your jar. Giving it all your positive vibes!
  • Let your yogurt sit at an ideal temperature of 70 degrees and not in direct sunlight for 48 hours
  • Check every 12 hours for any discoloration. (if you taste make sure not to double dip, we don't want to introduce new bacteria)
  • After 48 hours remove the cheese cloth and gently stir.
  • Place a lid on your yogurt and let sit in the fridge for at least 8-10 hours.
  • Once your yogurt has firmed up it's ready for eating and creating your very own parfait creation.

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