Sweet Potato Toast!


Super powered sweet potato! The staple of any action packed adventure seeker, sweet potatoes have high potassium which helps maintain strong muscles and vitamin A that charges your windows to the world (aka your eyes). This should be one of your choice carbohydrates for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sweet potato toasts make it for everybody in the family to #PlayWithFood! Let your silly run wild and let your combos be as colorful as the smiles. 

We recommend making toasts for everyone and in the center of the table putting out different toppings. Let dinner be fun and let your meals be a place for learning and sharing.  Make this a tradition you can feel good about passing down.

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 1 adult serving, 3 child servings


    • 1 medium Sweet Potato (makes 3 toasts)
    • Pick your favorite toppings (check out below for combos)


    • Toaster
    • Kid-safe knife
    • Dull spreading knife
    • Cutting board


    • Ask an adult for help cutting your Sweet Potatoes! 
    • Wash your Sweet Potatoes
    • Cut ¼ inch off each end 
    • Put Potato straight up and very carefully cut 3, ¼ inch slices of Potato toasts
    • Put each Sweet Potato in the toaster for 2-3 rounds (depending on toaster) until as crispy as you like
    • Time to add the toppings!

    Topping Ideas:

    • Almond Butter, sprinkled Cacao Powder and sliced Banana
    • Almond Butter and Strawberry Jammin Jelly
    • Almond Butter and sliced Medjool Dates
    • Coconut Oil sprinkled with Coconut Sugar and Cinnamon mixture (1 tbsp sugar ¼ tsp cinnamon,blend)
    • Guacamole and sliced Strawberries on top
    • Smashed ¼ Avocado, Blueberries on top

    Show Us Your Favorite Toast Creation! @GreenNinjaCooks #PlayWithFood