Better than Best Sandwich!


  • 2 pieces of high quality seeded or whole grain sprouted bread (reco: ‘Dave’s Killer Bread’)

  • 1-1 ½ tbsp Almond Butter (no added sweetener or salt)

  • 1 tbsp Strawberry Jammin' Jelly (here's the recipe)

  • ½ Organic Fair Trade Banana

  • 1 tsp Raw Local Honey (optional)


  • Butter knife

  • Plate

  • Tablespoon & Toaster (optional)


**IMPORTANT ask a parent for a dull knife**

  • Toast your Bread (optional; this will keep your Sandwich from getting soggy in your lunchbox)

  • While your Breads toasting we recommend you practice whistling

  • Spread the Almond Butter with your knife on 1 half of the Bread

  • Spread the Jam on top of the Almond Butter

  • Slice in thin circles your Banana

  • Cover the top of your Jam with Bananas

  • Drizzle your Honey on top of the Bananas

  • Take your other piece of Bread and place ontop of the Bananas, CAPOW!

  • Cut your Sandwich in half or eat whole

Send us a picture of your favorite way to eat a sandwich; no crust, whole, start from the edge, star cookie cutter shapes…..  #playwithfood @GreenNinjaCooks